Protecting Your Privacy

Personal Information Protection

We value your privacy and would like to be transparent about the personal information we process when interacting with you.

We are committed to manage and process your personal information in accordance with the applicable privacy and information protection law provisions, which specifically provides for the lawful, fair and transparent processing of your personal information for specified, explicit and legitimate purposes in a reasonable manner that does not infringe on your right to privacy.

Personal Information Protection Notice for our clients.pdf

Retention of Records

Owing to various legislative requirements, we are required to retain documents for a certain number of years.

The Companies Act, 71 of 2008 requires the financial records to be kept for a minimum of seven years. Where different legislation refers to the retention we will adhere to the most stringent requirement of seven years.

Information Guide 2021.pdf HLB CMA Retention of documents.pdf

Access to Information

On Request, we will make the information we retain about you for purposes of collection and processing available. You may address all your enquiries, requests and/or concerns regarding this Notice or relating to the processing of personal information to our Information Officer.

Contact the Information Officer Directly

In some instances, we may receive your personal information (including your name and contact details) from a third party and we will notify you of our collecting your personal information as soon as reasonably practicable after it has been collected.

Should we have previously issued a Personal Information Protection Notice to you in relation to the collection of your personal information including similar categories of personal information or for a similar purpose of collection, we would not have to issue a new Personal Information Protection Notice and will be compliant with Section 5 (a) (i) and 18 of POPI and Article 13 of the GDPR.