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Who We Are

HLB CMA South Africa Incorporated is one of the most technologically advanced public accounting firms in South Africa to help ensure accuracy, efficiency and security. The firm has kept abreast of continued investment in Information Technology Systems to be able to adequately assist our clients in an ever-changing business world.

As a leading and professional firm, we are constantly aware of the critical importance of customer service satisfaction. Moreover, accessibility to the expert knowledge of our experienced and uniquely skilled team, enables HLB CMA South Africa to exceed our clients expectations.

Our Vision

To achieve our vision of total commitment to our motto "In Pursuit of Excellence", the firm is continuously moving with the times in an endeavor to be the first firm of choice for all our clients and staff.

At HLB CMA SOUTH AFRICA INC we develop strategies to ensure our vision statement is embraced by all staff members to commit to our clients and our standards. Having professional staff with the knowledge and imagination is paramount in the successful implementation of our goals and our future. We thrive on empowering ourselves through continuous training and mentoring, establishing a broad base of specialised services, strengthened by innovative and advanced, leading-edge technology.

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At HLB CMA SOUTH AFRICA INC, we challenge the old way of thinking and continuously seek bold and innovative approaches. Our attitude towards our clients demonstrates a genuine interest in their financial welfare. We are committed to openness and honesty, providing valuable insights based on thorough analysis and research.

By embracing fresh perspectives and maintaining transparent communication, we strive to deliver the best possible solutions to our clients. If you are ready to explore new possibilities and enhance your financial well-being, don't hesitate to get in touch with our dedicated team.

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